Saturday, May 17, 2008

No Moving?

We suppose to move in our new office on 15.04.08. The management decided to postpone because they don’t like the previous design or layout at the new office. It’s after one month. We still not hearing from the top management when will be the exact date to move out. As we know, all the renovation works are temporary pending until further notice.

I really don’t understand what the top management thinking. Seem like they treat all of their staff like their dolls. No shelves no cabinets. All files, boxes, documents are putting on the floor. All of us are already use to work in such a messy environment. I think that will be no different whether or not to announce the moving date. For me, stay permanent at this current office is better. At least we all no need to worry about the hassle of shipment. Who cares to work at the beautiful and new office? Make people in to trouble only!

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bokjae said...

Waaah! like your new look!! so clean and healthy looking! congrats!