Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's Back

Thanks to msau who informed me for my blog's PR updates. This is a surprise to me. I don't even have any hope about it after I loss it. I get it before and I lost it for months and now it's back. Even though the result is the same but I free appreciated. This is a great motivation.

Everybody knows the reason PR ranking will back to zero anytime. That's not because you don't have enough back links. That's not means that your blog is no more popular.....

It's back again here. What does this mean? I rather believe that my blog still acceptable and viewable and enjoyable for some group of people. It's my pleasure to gain the PR back.

I still continue doing what I had done before. I mean continue earning from blogging. I can't see what is the different between having it and loss it for the time being. I still believe that the ranking will be taken off one day. It's just the time concern. But I still enjoy writing, making new friends and continue doing what I like. I don't care with or without it anymore....

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