Monday, May 26, 2008

HR Continue Survive

Big boss will going to overseas this week. As we all aware about this, we need to prepare staff payroll a bit earlier. This is done by HR staff as usual. All salaries will be direct bank in to staff's saving accounts accordingly at the end of the month. We all don't want it to be delay even though it did happened when the ex-boss times.
Luckily the management change their mind and decided to keep one of the HR staff continue working with the company. From three of them cut down to one staff. Friendly speaking, if the HR department really want to close shop, that's means all HR and admin works will go to finance team. I just can't imagine what will go to happen at the time. Our current job scopes already tie until can not breathe. Some more burdens mean some more pressure. Furthermore we as finance staff need to learn how to operate the current payroll system as well. That is really terrible arrangement! I believe that those who can escape from retrenchment will die faster.
We all appreciated that HR staff who wiling to continue service to the company is the one who in-charged our payroll. Because of this we all can expect our pay to be in Savings Account on time as usual. I just can not accept my pay not in when I checking my bank balance online. All my monthly expenses need to be settled at the beginning of the month via bank online payment. At least I can see one good decision making from the management.

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