Friday, May 30, 2008

Father's Day Planning

What is your gift to your father on this coming Father’s Day? As I told you before, I had already arranged a reunion dinner with my beloved family on the day. Just received confirmation from my two lovely sisters both of them will back home together with their boyfriends on the day. I do hope my brother can join us on the day but unfortunately he will only be home next year during Chinese New Year.

I still remember my first gift to my father when I was young. That was just a simple Father’s day card. I didn’t write much at the time but just wish him Happy Father’s Day. There after, we brought him clothes, watch…. We go out for dinner every Father’s Day. After my brother went to UK, the reunion dinner seems not so perfect. Anywhere, I do hope his dream may comes true one day where my brother can be back and stay permanently in Malaysia. This is his only son and we do know that my father miss him so much.

I am suggesting my brother send a Fathers day gift basket this year for a surprise to our beloved father. We are wondering what is the reaction when he received it on the day…. :P


Marc Klein said...

You and your family seem to pretty attach to each other and that's really good for a happy family. I will pray that your father's wish come true. Enjoy the reunion dinner.

akademiker vergleich krankenversicherung said...

Pretty Good family. Thanks

Dental Marketing said...

I got my father a membership to a large geneology research website. He loves finding our long gone relatives and their stories and now he is retired and has more time to do it.

Startlogic Review said...

What is your father planing to do on the day?