Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mental Health

First of April is the day everybody have fun. It’s April fool. Have you done any joke with other? I wish you enjoy the day. But for me, it’s a memorable day for my famous Hong Kong star Leslie Cheung.

This is the fifth year after he jumped from the 24th Floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong. Five years that is about 1,825 days, but still I miss him so much. If you are concern about Hong Kong celebrities, I am sure you know when the time he committed suicide, he left a suicide letter saying that he had been suffering from depression.

It’s seems like more and more people suffering such mental problem in this modern world. We believe that we can do our best to take the pressure but unfortunately some of them failed. Some of them may seek for advices but some of them prefer hide themselves.

I do concern about mental health, Mental Health Talk Radio Home Page is one of the channel to people who care about it. We can listen and learn more from Your Mental Health Radio Talk Show every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm EST weekly. Learn more and try to help those people in suffering. I do wish no more people will choose the same way like Leslie Cheung….


Colonic Hydrotherapy said...


When I was reading the post title. I a thinking how are you going to relate mental health with April Fool.

I haven't played anything yet because I hardly spend time with most of my friends now.

Anyway, I missed Leslie too. He is a awesome actor and singer.

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