Monday, April 21, 2008

Decorative Stuffs

Every family will have at least one or two cabinets or shelves at their living room. And that is part of the place for the living room decoration. I enjoy visit people's house with those kinds of different decorative items. Flowers, cute cartoon icons, music boxes will be the most popular items in it. Some of them even fill up full with their prizes and awards to show off their successful memory.

This is one that makes me unforgettable. I did visit one friend who displays his rare coin collections in his living room cabinet. Some more that cabinet is open door one. Can you imagine that? The very first question comes out from my mouth is: Don't you think this is too risk?

And you know what his answer is? Yes these collections are valuable. But a true friendship is more than that. If somebody taken, I will lose the coin and a friend as well. Oh! Admire his positive thinking.

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