Friday, March 28, 2008

Back to Young Age

Do you know that people can predict your age by the condition of your neck, hand and feet? This applies especially for women. I learn this from a magazine. These three parts of the body will expose your age by aging. You can not hide it anymore if you don't take good care of it when young age.

How often you go to a beauty house? I prefer those one stop beauty houses where I can enjoy a complete body treatment including facial, spa, sauna, and hand and feet treatments.

Normally we will go for facial treatment and keep our face smooth and looks younger. Most of the facial treatments take cares of your neck conditions as well. And now, seems like hand and feet treatment is become more and more popular now to survive human beauty.

Besides, don't be lazy at home. You should not just depends on beauty house especially take caring of your face, hand and feet. There are so many facial products on the market. But nail products will be new for me.

Have you heard about washable nails bar file? This sounds great as it is the most hygienic file on the market. Besides, you should have at least one nail treatment pack and firming hand cream at home.

To enable your back to young age, let's do something before it is too late. You better start at early age else it will be higher cost where you need to spend more money to make those ‘train roads' on your body to become flat and smooth again. :P

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