Saturday, January 12, 2008

Absolute Items

I am wondering will newspaper becomes an absolute item one day. Let's talk about my family reading habit. We all subscripted for daily newspaper previously. But after we are getting a computer and internet, we all reading online news and save on the newspaper subscription cost.
My brother in law is the first one who suggest on the un-subscription. He is rugby tournament fancy and he is the first one prefer update online rugby games via computer. Those tournament news, fixtures and results are faster and easy to reach compare to reading from newspaper. Besides, he is interesting on those interactive games and podcasts section as well. No only one but six nation's championship he can enjoy in one site.
Because of his suggestion, we all changed. We are now watching online frequently rather than watching television as well. Oh, what I am worry right now, if we can enjoy those shows live though internet, will television becomes an absolute item next? LOL

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