Sunday, December 9, 2007

High risk investment

Do you invest in lottery or casino? I believe no try no luck. As long as you manage to control your investment with your own pocket money, I am encourging you to try on your luck. Professional player more concern on their skill and knowledge about their favor games but for me, I believe winners need some luck.

I try on football betting before. I study well on those teams, players and referring to those previous results and records. Betting can be done by difference ways. I bet and follow a professional player. Of course we win most of the bets but the risk of lose are high as well. Big investment with high risk, you rather get high returns or bad luck. Luckily my investments are not much and I lose not much. My experience told me that No matter how you bet be sure you control yourself not to loan money for your investment. If you are the bad luck one, you will find yourself in trouble after that!

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