Monday, December 31, 2007

Bad Experience with Malaysia Panasonic Service Center

I can't believe that my video camera can just last for less than 2 years. This is really a terrible experience I ever had. At the first that was just the camera monitor display failure. We send it for checking and because we found that it's not worth to pay for it so we take it back. We plan to go for direct shooting without depends on the camera monitor. But the problem is the capture screen is out after 'checking'!

We have to agree that we are careless also. We never check thought the video camera condition before we leave the service centre. The thing is we are asking for helping hands but it is worst than before. Now the video camera is totally out. We paid RM50 for the checking fees and we get back our video camera with out of captioning service. The function is totally out! We are wondering is their technicians are leak of experience?
We have to bring the camera back to the service center of course. We looking forward what will be the best service and good excuses they will give us later. Let's wait and see!

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