Friday, November 9, 2007


When will be your ideal retirement age? I am at thirty plus now. I know working as an Accounts Executive will be less valuable when comes older. I think most company will prefer employed young and dynamic workers. I do hope that I can continue working with my present company. I just feel that it's getting hard for me to find new job when become older.

For me, I didn't set any target on retirement. I will only quit working if I can not continue working. That time probably I am terrible sick. Or I need caring from nursing homes. I always believe that when really come to critical conditions, it's better to send myself to nursing cares rather than asking helps from our children. I just don't want myself to be a burden to my family. Furthermore, proper caring is importance too. So, I am working hard now to keep up my body health and live happy continuously. Don't you agree that this is the way to avoid aging? :P

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