Saturday, October 27, 2007

Own a Condo

As I mentioned before, I always prefer staying in a condo rather than staying in a terrace house. But my sister has different opinion where she always feels that living in a condo is easy to manage especially the house design and housekeeping. She is looking for ads and site of condos for sale. I am wondering this is her plan to get married soon. If so, I better quickly help her to find condos place which nearby my area so that we can meet together often after she gets married. :P

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john said...

Yes, condos are a great decision for people that want to live in a place and spend minimal time maintaining it. As long as the condo fees are reasonable, it is a great investment. Plus, since it is a condo, there is usually no yard to worry about mowing, and the managing company usually pass along the savings from quantity discount expenses like insect spraying, exterior painting, etc.