Thursday, October 25, 2007

Her Complaints

I am not the kind of busy body but finally I know that my neighbor Margaret fight and leave her hubby last week is because of a small reason.

The fight started point is because her hubby recently started joining online poker. For her, she don't likes her hubby staying in front of the computer for long hours just for his entertainment and own fun. For him, he enjoys being online at home rather then always gambles outside. Actually Margaret is the one who keep on complaining her hubby spend so much time outside. Her hubby stay at home right now then she is complaining some more. This makes her hate gambling so much.

I am wondering what this women needs. She is ignoring gambling due to this unreasonable point that makes her hubby fights with her. For me, as long as keep on being a smart player, there is no other ways to stop a man from habits of gambling.

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