Sunday, October 28, 2007

From PR3 to PR2

I am not surprise with having this ranking. Since I am not well maintenance it, I know the ranking will drop. PR2 is still reasonable for me. More and more blogs and websites are having nowadays and it's really competitive right now to get a higher PR ranking. I still consider myself as a lucky one. Compare to no PR ranking available before last for more than a month, finally I can have a ranking results right now.

PR2 means my chances to getting great pay on paid post are lesser compare to before but this also a good rest for me. Some more, I think this will be a motivate point for me to continue blogging as I don't want to see my blog having PR0 one day..... :P

1 comment:

pips said...

I heard, many webpages and Blogs were gradated down. Is it the great power of Google?