Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Blogs in PPP Direct

I must admit I am too bored today. Not sure what happen but just don't want to use my brain. :p

So I hop over to PPP Blogger Directory and I have done this for my own interest and fun.

I notice that the PPP Blogger Directory consist of 196 pages. That's mean they are 1960 blogs approved to be participant to PPP Direct. I wonder how those advertisers go through and select among the best to write for them. So many blogs are offers US5. Which mean low price for me as I price my post for US10. :P

Here you can find my blogs in PPP Directory:

Page 193 : Xilly's Blog
Page 73 : I am Who I am
Page 93 : Light up my Life

Seems like 3 is my lucky number. Crazy huh? I think you will scold me for eat full enough nothing to do. LOL


Vedis Teh said... too..but I aborted the mission after 1/2 hour ! Still haven't found mine...;D

bokjae said...

Yeah, admire your patience! I realized that too so did not bother to locate my blog! Hey if you stumble across my blog give me a buzz! tks!