Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Energy Burn Calculator

As you know, I am skinny so I don't think I need this. I think those in diet or fatty will need this. It's importance to know how much cholesterol intake per day and how much cholesterol burn to keep body healthy.

But after consideration, I am wondering this Energy Burn Calculator can help me to measure how much energy burned for the exercise I had done, then I can balance my foods intake with the energy burned calculation so that my body will not getting more skinny. Am I right?


Jill said...

Sound like it would be an interesting idea. Even when you are thin it might be nice to know. Course I just like to know things like that.

Xilly said...

I do hope that it's a useful tool to everyone.

Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog and the comment. Please come often. :)