Sunday, May 6, 2007

Office stationeries

Some of the office stationery is runs out of stocks. Normally we will keep stock for A4 paper, computer forms, hard cover files, paper files and etc. Stationery purchasing belongs to admin department? Oh, I and my colleague are the 'one leg kick' here. So, either she or I will get the items in place.

Some of the company keep very good track of the stationery stuff. They ever ask the stuff to fill up a form for re-purchase items. Some more I heard that the staff need to sign on a form that acknowledgement on the received of stationery. That's looks too serious and a bit silly for me. Our company didn't do that but both of us control the items under good distribution and replacement. That's all because we are a small company. :P

If you are the person in-charge, will you prefer to buy it yourself? One of my friends who are in-charge of the stationery purchasing prefers to buy herself. She claims that if you buy yourself, you can have more choice of selection. Yes, she is right. But for me as a lazy woman, I am more preferred to order from a stationery supplier by phone. Just tell them my order and the items will be arrival in to my office the next day. That's a fast and efficiency supplier. Some more we can enjoy 30 to 60 days credit terms even thought the amount not a big one.

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