Saturday, May 12, 2007


I hate people smoking. Sorry I have to say that. I really hate those people smoking out there! I hate the smell of smoke. I can not control myself when I smell somebody smoking. I will get angry. I will get crazy. But I still can control myself to scold or to kill the one who smoke! :P

Why? Why? Why? I keep on asking the same question. You already well know that smoking is harmful to your body health but you keep on smoking. This act same like a doctor asking you to take pills for your sickness but you just ignore it. That's for your own good! OK. OK. That's your life not my life. I can not blame for that and it's true. But you are effected my life as I am the second hand smoker! So, you want to die fast you can go but please don smoke in front of me!

Smoking is just a little bad attitude and almost every one is smoking. Why I am still stick to myself? People said you have to change because environment won't change. OK. Then should I take risk to get closer to those smokers? Soooooooo Sorry! I can't!

Please don't smoke in air condition room. Please don't smoke in public or other people's toilet! Just only one of my company customer stools in my office toilet. He is smoking when doing the big business. I am wondering he pretend to ignore the smelly stool or he just enjoys smoking in toilet? I am the one follow after him. I had no choice and have to stop breathing in the toilet. After I am out from the toilet, I am already half die. Now, my whole body now are smelly and I am feeling to vomit. Damn It!


achengy said...

I think smoking has been frowned upon everywhere. Indoor smoking no longer exists in Ontario and even smoking on patios is generally frowned upon.
If I had a problem with someone smoking in my face I would "kindly" ask them to move elsewhere or move away myself.

Hmm noticed you were a postie as well would you like to link exchange?

Michelle Wun said...

Thanks for dropping by, achengy. Nice to meet you.

devildairy said...

I absolute agree with you. I also hate smoking ppl. I use to be a social smoker last time. now i quit smoking. I join u as anti-smoking group. :)

Michelle Wun said...

Hi Devildairy, thanks for supporting me. I tot I will be ban by those smoking blogger after this post. :P