Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Good Tack

Since this blog is PR3 right now, my next aim is to work hard to get better Alexa and Technorati score. Other than that, I am aware that my blogs overall tack in PPP has drop from 4 to 3. That's mean somebody or to say some advertiser are not satisfied with my writing to them.

Anyone knows how to improve this? I am first thinking about my writing skill and it's reflected my expression for the ads. It's is my weakness. What's about other than that? Maybe the advertiser likes more links for their website other than the one compulsary link in the PPP opps? Maybe the advertisers like to see some creative way to promote their site? I have to put more concern about this in future.


Vedis Teh said...

Hi, Michelle,

I can't give you advice as I have 1 ban..;D

Luckily, I have PR3..;D Alexa 600,000 ++,Technorati 40,000 ++

Before PPP updated, I had no opps at all. Now, phew..more than 10 opps..:D

Vedis Teh said...

As for me, I like to hang out at other PPP posties' blogs, learning from them. I have found that some of them are truly great.

Check at krissy's blog. I like her blog so much...very very..neat.

I just checked your PPP blogroll, krissy is not there ?

Here krissy