Wednesday, May 9, 2007

ESL Teaching in Korea

For those who looking for an English as a Second Language (ESL) Teaching job in Korea, you may search around the site and you will find there are thousand of selections. Which one you should go in to details? Which job is best suitable for you? These actually are not the most importance point to be considered. The most importance thing is do the site or the jobs vacancies are crooked!

While you are wondering, I am here share with you a great site named Restohof. The site gathers jobs vacancies from 3 major teaching vacancy directories which are Dave's ESL CafĂ©, ESL Teacher’s Board, and Seoul Craigslis. Restohof function as a filter to rate on the jobs vacancy by their community members for veracity, duplicity, and tomfoolery. You will find that some of the jobs are getting high Go-a-head rate and this mean the particular job is worth to consider on. Some of the jobs will get grudge rate and this is the one you should beware on. Restohof aim to let the older generation assists the new generation so that more and more people will gain from the site on the quality jobs selection.

Now you will consider on how the site make sure that the vote aren't rigged. Actually the site will control their member quality. I am sure you are interested to see how it will be. Why not hop over the site to find out more in details?


Edward said...

Your two blogs are now added to my blogrolling.
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Michelle Wun said...

Thank you very much.