Monday, May 14, 2007

Enable Your Blogger Profile

I am having a little bit headaches about this. I love reading comments. It's excited when some one leaving me comment. I am starting to get some comments compare to before. I know I am not alone right now. I make some new friends and slowly build up the friendship and this make my blogging life brighter.

What my problem here is related to those Blogspot blogger. They leave their comment with their Blogger link. Do you all know that the Blogger link is directed to your Blogger Profile? If your Blogger profile is unable, I can not reach you.

I like to express my thank you to those new blogger who leave me comments. I like to pay a visit to their blog as well. At least I can find out who are they or what they having in their blogs. But I really headache when the links lead me to diable Blogger profile.....

A small advice and reminder to all my visitors: Please enable your Blogger Profile or you may choose to leave your link with your own domain address. Or else, no body will know who you are. Furthermore, how you can gain your blog traffic? :P

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