Monday, May 7, 2007

ATM Machine Fraudulence

I just received a forwarded e-mail from hubby. The email details as below:

Whoever has the ABC Bank Account number with ATM card, please be careful when withdrawing money through ATM machine,

1. For the first time when you enter the right pin number, a message "invalid pin number" pops up.

2. Then, when you enter your pin number for the second time, a message "invalid pin number, please call this number "xxx-xxxx" pops up.

3. If you call this number, you will lose all your money.

NOTE: if you encounter the above matter, please DO NOT call the number. One of my friends just lost RM 700.00 on last Sunday and ABC Bank checked his last transaction was on that day itself even though he did not withdraw any money. Please forward this to your friends.

Best Regards,
Credit Risk Management
ABC Bank


I am wondering who the person is sending out the email. From the e-mail, I will consider The ABC Bank Credit Risk Management department fellow name XXX is sending out the email. Look backwards to the email, the very first email send out can not be trace due to it's already forwarded so many layers.

I am rather trust that there is somebody trying to spread out the bad things rather than believe it is true. I don thing there will be a genius who can programmed the ATM machine to such perfect notice to the ATM withdrawal. Furthermore, if I am the 'victim' I will spread out the incident trough newspaper in the main page rather than telling anybody through email system.

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