Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Star Wars Costumes

This is especially for all the Star Wars fancy. I am sure you will love these, looks what I found here:

Queen Amidala Star Wars Adult Costume

I am so happy to found a site called Eastern Toys where they are selling Star Wars Costumes, Helmets and Masks. You can choose any Star Wars character that you like. My sister will going to fancy ball held by her company next month. She is keep looking around to find a fancy dress. I am helping her from the internet, now I got it. Be the Queen Amidala. She is a Star Wars Fancy as well; I can not wait to show her the dress.

Maybe I should ask her to order this Darth Vader Star Wars Helmet for her boyfriend. Both of them are going together on the fancy ball. They may have a chance to become the Best Fancy Dress winner on that night. :P

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