Monday, April 2, 2007


As usual, I wait until my MIL back from breakfast then I go off to work. Because I haven't take my breakfast, so I drive go to a small food stall near my place to buy some foods. Normally I will take my wallet then only I order my stuff. But yesterday, I had ordered then only looking to my wallet. AHHHHHH, I didn't bring along my wallet!!!!!!!

Sorry, auntie. I didn't have money to pay you. I forget to bring along my wallet. *sigh
Never mind, I can pay me next time you come. I also facing same problem before. *Smile
Thank you so much. I will come and pay you tomorrow.

After take the foods, I drive ahead to office without my driving license, Identity card. Without single cent in the pocket, my nice colleague spend me lunch yesterday. Thank god I still can survive! :P

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