Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Long way to go

Such a long time I didn't update about my company status. After we set up a new company, all businesses are transfer to the new company. Looks like every thing are going well. The customers are not a big problem. We just informed their account department and we can continue dealing with them.

The problems are from our entire supplier. We are now not able to continue deal with some existing supplier since we owe so much to them. Even thought we got our collection. But as I said before, the money was no enough to cover all the liabilities..... Now, most of our company goods will be on cash purchase. Without any credit terms from supplier with are hard to keep up company finance status since we still offer credit terms to our customer.

Now, my boss is settling little by little. He works out an installment to partial payment for the supplies. What to do with the big amount supplier? As long as my boss is still 'alive', he will try his best to settle. He is willing to take the liabilities from the ex-company. Please contact him personally if you need his commitment on payment refund schedule.

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