Monday, April 30, 2007

Guess and Win

Money. Money. Money. Since today I can not get any opportunity in PPP. I am a bit upset how to earn some money as I told you I need at least US10 per day to continue survive. Msau ask me to join the game. Ah Boon going to give away US70 for the winner who correctly guesses his blog traffic for the month of April 2007.

Hmmmm, today is the deadline. Another 9 hours to go. Let me guess....

Since his blog content some really 'catch eyes' photo. Furthermore, the contest post had inserted a photo where a beautiful and sexy girl relaxing on the money bath, I think this brings him lots of traffic. (Nope, I don't mean that his blog visitors all are the 'hum sup' one. Don't miss understand! :P)

Let me count on it. First week record is 49,854 (A). Second week will be (A) + x = (B). Third week will be (B) + y = (C). Forth week will be (C) + z = (D). Then another 2 days will be (D) + a + (xyz) = the answer.

Ok. I finally I figure out the calculation base on the above formula = 278, 398

** If Ah Boon announce that I am the winner. Then I will let you know the actual figure behind!

(Referral fees goes to msau if I am the US70 winner.)

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