Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Working for Nothing

After I back from work, finish my dinner and ready to continue working hard on my blogging for money. When I login to Blogitive, I found this announcement: I Suggest You Stop Writing Posts Immediately.

Oh my god! I nearly cry when I saw this message! Well, I should know this will happen. OK. Now is my times to take a good rest. The problems will be fixed tonight and by tomorrow I have to reserved offers all over again (if those offers still running)....

I am not sure the post that I wrote today is under negative number. I got to pray hard tonight looking to get the same offer tomorrow. God Bless!

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the daily phosdex said...

There have actually been some suggesting much the same thing vis-a-vis mein own weblog, their contention being that "nobody's interested in reading my weblog anyway."