Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Suggestion to PPP

I am fully understand that advertisers are looking to place their ads on the good traffic site. My blog is N/A PR and N/A Alexa at the moment. So, I need to work hard to improve my blog traffic.

The opps shown all in red colour. That's means I can not take the Opps. It's OK. But why PPP need to hide the advertiser link? When I click on the Opps, all I can read is about the Opps requirement. I don even know that who is the advertiser. I feel a bit disappointed. Because I am not qualified to take the Opps, so I am not allowed to know the advertisement details? Some advertiser offer new products / features / promotion that I really interested but I can not reach them directly from PPP.

I always think that bloggers who participate in PPP, the number of low PR or high Alexa blogger will be greater than the number of high PR or low Alexa blogger. (Is that true?) For blogger who are interested in red colour opps advertisement review like me, maybe PPP can consider to put a link to the advertiser by included in the Opps requirement window.

This is just my small suggestion. I am no sure PPP blogger out there will agree on this or not. But I think the PPP advertiser will love this. Other than to let more people knows their website / promotion / products, it's also improving website traffic! And I am sure this is the advertiser looking for: Advertisement will good result / respond!


Tricia said...

I agree with you, I'd like to at least see what page or site the advertisers whom I can't write for is promoting. Maybe if I liked the product or site enough I'd even write something up for them on my own. As it stands right now, we have very little information to go on when the op is marked red.
At least it would give us something to do rather than stare at a red screen. LOL

BTW if your site is marked N/A that's a mistake. You have PR0 and your listing should at least say PR0. If it did, you'd be able to take some of the ops.

With an NA you can't take any. That's an update or system mistake. Write to support and let them know.

My husband has one site marked NA and he can't really take any ops on that one either. Other sites of ours have the wrong PR listed.

azrin said...

Don't be sad. There will be a time You will glorify in your efforts.
But, like what I said here about PPP , try to consider a paid hosting or at least yr own domain, so you won't be excluded. If you can't afford the hosting,let me know and I'll hook U up.

Best Wishes


and Gong Xi Fa Cai