Monday, February 5, 2007

PPP 1st Payment In

I am very happy today because I received an email from PayPerPost for my paid after 30 days of my post written.
That is not a big amount. Totally USD10.00 for 2 posts.
It's the 1st payment I get from PayPerPost.
Now, seems like I have to maintain this figure every day so that I can earn USD10 x 26 working day = USD260 x min exchange rate 3 = RM780.00 per month! (sikit sikit jadi bukit oh!)
Oh! I can recover from my salary cut paid portion already! **Hooray!

Some one out there want to join in?
Simply just click on the PPP banner on the right hand side of my blog to sign up.
Nevertheless, I have to take this opportunity to special thank you to msau who lead me in PPP to get paid with blogging!


msaufong said...

hehe..congratulation! You won't believe that I oso got your 15 lunch I have..:p

Lovely Mummy said...

congratulation!!!I really know how's happy are you when received the first payment from ppp. Same with me...btw, thanks to click on me on creamaid for the referral fees on last few weeks.