Thursday, February 8, 2007

CNY Mood

Lunar Chinese New Year is right on the way. I am sure you all will be busy on the housekeeping works at home. After housekeeping, will be the home decoration. I always feel that New Year decoration stuff will bring us luck for whole year if we really work in to it. Besides, it also gives us New Year mood when you see the decorative stuff hanging on.

Hubby keeps asking me what to buy for CNY. We already brought mini mandarin orange, drink, biscuits and nuts. What else to buy?

I already prepared Ang Pau. Changing new notes from Bank takes me more than 1 hour to queue. Today is the 4th days from the bank distribute new notes. I heard the bank counter said all new notes already FINISH. I wonder all the people out there are so rich enough! :P

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