Thursday, February 8, 2007

Baby Sling

I heard Ni is headache with her little baby. Baby everyday just cry cry cry like no tomorrow! Cry without any reason. Her mood is very down. I can understand her feeling. Which mummy dares to see her baby cry like that?

I have brought a cotton sateen baby sling for Ni. I hope that with the help of sling, baby can stay calm and sleep well with Ni and Ni still manage to do something with both her 2 free hand.

The quality is good. One of my friend is using it. One thing that I am not satisfied is, I ordered the sling on 29.01.07. Too bad I only received it yesterday. It takes around 8 workings days to reach my place but the seller make note that they arrange shipping for 1 to 3 days......

1 comment:

msaufong said...

complaint to her lah...order on 29/01? y don't u email her to ask after 3 day ler? so slow service wan