Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stay OR Leave

2 Accounting Staff, 1 only can stay.
Ok. Lady boss already discuss with me this early morning.
Since I am the expensive staff in my company, I will be the one asking to leave the company....

She work out a suggestion.
Maybe I can stay with the Company once a week.
Work as a part time staff for the company and come back every Saturday.
At least the accounting transaction stil can run smoothly....

She added,this decision will be consider by after February or March.
If the Company incomes especially the collection can cover the whole overhead expenses, I still have chance to stay with the company.

Honestly, I love to stay with the Company. Jobs and environment are familiar, who willing to change and start all over again with new job?
Better be hardworking on debts collection! Hope that I can STAY!

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