Friday, January 12, 2007

Empty Wallet

I have not get my pay yet until today....

I have to pay my girl kindergarten school fees,
I have to settle my household fees,
I have to settle my credit card minimun payment,
I have to settle my insurance premium....

Another NEW way to save money:
I will take 2 meal rather than 3 meal on my daily lunch.
That's will be saving RM0.50 every day and RM13 per month.
That's good enough for me to settle 10% of my elder princess monthly school fees....

Dear all,
Anymore good suggestion???

1 comment:

msaufong said...

need to be like tat or not ohh?? if really wan to save more then better don't go kaikai..1 time oso kenot..go kaikai 1 time will spend more then 50 wan ler..haii...I oso no kaikai for long time liao or..