Monday, December 11, 2006

Pulic Holiday

Today is Selangor Sultan's Birthday.
Is Selangor State Public Holiday.
My darling hubby working at Kuala Lumpur state. so he can not ejoy the holiday.

I go shopping at Sogo,KL with my lovely sister, Mei.
Is sale at Sogo.
Normally i will spend on clothes at chistmas session for coming chinese new year.
That's mean, when comes to chistmas sale on shopping centre,
i will start buying clothes for the coming chinese new year celabration.
Why so early?
Yalor, because when the times near chinese new year, most of the clothes will be chinese styles, most in red colours and actually not my choice.

We spend 5 hours on shopping in ladies section ONLY.
And i am so happy that i grab 6 clothes + 1 pair of shoes.

Such a happy holiday.

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