Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Chistmas + Happy aniversary

I have taken 1 day leave on last saturday (23.12.06) for Chistmas Holidays Trip to Cameron Highland.
3 family total of 12+1 person in a 3 rooms apartment.
We stay 3 days 2 nights in Green Hill Resort, Tanah Rata.
Is a happy trip to all the kids.

It is such a memorable trip to me.
because everthough i take leave to preparing luggage,
but still, i forget to bring up the most important items for the trip.
We plan ot have steamboat at cameron
and i am the one who responsible to take a multicooker.
I am very disappointed with my 'loss memory' and
we have to buy a cheap basin for the steamboat.....

2nd things, i fill sad to be with my hubby.
Everytimes we go out together, sure we have some quarrel because of our children.
And i fill helpless when i don know how to overcomes the bad situation.

This is our 6th anniversary.
Hope that we can be together longer.
God Bless.


Msau said...

yeap..sure will be a very happy trip for kids..my SQ keep talking about the strawberry til now..

hehe...I oso paiseh to ask about u & hubby when see u 2 face black black wan...:p

anyway, this happen in all family..perhaps we will used to it..haii

Msau said...

yeap! almost 7th anniversary liao wor...hehe...worry about 七年之痒 moh??