Wednesday, May 9, 2007

$50 Blog Link Contest

Everybody crazy is about the linky stuff. Here I had invited by PBanker for his $50 Blog Link Contest.

Well, this is the easiest contest I had ever met. Just write and put a link to the site in your post and you can enter into the contest. Hop over the for the best CD rates, savings accounts, money market, credit cards deals, and bank promotions.

The contest will give away $50 at the end of the month. Eeee, wait. I saw the contest was started on 29.04.07, but I didn't see any winner announcement yet. Is the contest over? Or this will last until 31.05.07? Furthermore, if the contest ended on 31.05.07, I am sure that's will be on or before 11.59pm but at at what time zone? And of course, the most importance thing is, when will be the actual time and date for the lucky draw? When will be the actual time and date for the $50 Blog Link Contest lucky winner announcement? At least I can set an alarm alert to myself to check out the contest announcement. Who knows maybe I will be the winner? I think P.Banker should create another post to clarify this. :P


Anonymous said...

refer to the comment on your other blog.



rob said...

wow that's a cool ploy to get links. keep up the pink color.

if you you're wondering how to get to my page, you can visit me here

face said...

Hi, rather than giveaway a product, isn’t cash the best thing? Here’s another contest along the same lines as John Chow and thepiggybanker. It’s a $200 link contest at Ends Dec 31, 2008. Also, there's 2 contests: an hourly giveaway just for posting a picture of your face, as well as the contest for $200 for a link contest.